Joshua Gomez


Joshua Gómez was born in the valley of San Cristobal in 1989. Son of a topographer and a housewife, both parents Venezuelans, he spent his days between caricatures and drawing characters for fun.

His love for the art transformed with the support of his mother when she motivated him to take classes at the center of plastic arts “Valentín Hernández Useche”; taking classes for several years, he then decided to abandon drawing for music in his adolescence.

Years later, he stops at a tattoo studio of an old friend, Gilbert Gutiérrez, to whom he talks about his interest for the art of tattooing, Gilbert had been a tattoo artist for a while, offering Joshua a learning experience. The only experience Joshua had had with tattoos were the inez of gangs, prison tattoos and some that he had seen on his friends, such as that he didn’t even have a single tattoo himself. Either way, he grabbed a machine and started tattooing soon after…

“I grew between arts and tattoos saved my life” says Joshua Gómez.

At the age of 20, he participates in his first exposition, where he doesn’t land in the finalists and this encourages him to improve. He travels to Bogotá – Colombia where he shares with and learns from great artists and comes back to his hometown with new and fresh knowledge. After only a year, Joshua did a tattoo that would change his career forever – a color portrait of Dark Maul from the successful movie franchise Star Wars. This was his first colored portrait with which he lands to participate in the Portrait Contest in the Expo Tattoo Táchira of 2010 and takes home the award for “Event’s Best”. This would be one of the many awards he would collect in the following years, but it was that portrait that put him on the map. Thanks to this, he is now known and recognized as a Realism Artist.

In the midst of his rising career, he has started in his own tattoo studio Ötzis C.a. “I have realized that many of my customers travel from different places to get a tattoo” he says “I want my clients to feel special and know that I appreciate them, I just want to give them the best of me as a person and as an artist”.

Today, Joshua is very grateful for the love and support from his clients, friends and family. Even to this day he continues to learn from every single detail and from great artist who are now his friends. He spends his life dedicated to tattoos traveling through the world and sharing with his closest ones.

Instagram: @joshuagomez

joshuagomezJoshua Gomez
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Kito Talbert


Kito Talbert has emerged as one of the best self-made tattoo artist in the country, despite his humble beginnings in a small city outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana called Denham Springs;often times referred to as Bucktown a named garnered from the gun violence and drug environment which it fostered. Wanting a better opportunity for his family, Kito’s father moved him and his family to Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was here in Tulsa where Kito’s passion for art would be awaken and where he would obtain the tools necessary to begin honing his skills to make him into one of the most recognizable faces in the industry.
Kito has over 10 years of professional tattooing experience, which includes traveling across the country attending tattoo conventions and displaying some of the best art work imaginable, to performing private sessions booked by some of the most recognizable faces in the sports, music and entertainment industry. Kito’s persistence and humble upbringings has afforded him the opportunity to star in Season 6 of Spike TV’s hit show INK MASTER. Prior to his fame on INK MASTER, Kito could be seen working under the guidance of Anthony Hunter at Murda Ink3 Tattoo Company (North Babylon, NY) to Tatted Wright (Atlanta, GA) to his own establishment in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Fidolo Tattoo Company). Kito Specializes in black and gray realism, traditional, portraits and custom lettering; however there’s no task to large or small for his expertise. Kito continues to expand his knowledge of the industry and the demands of his clientele. Kito’s work can be seen on actors, professional athletes, rappers, musicians and those clients who have recognized true artistry and have committed to being tatted by the best.
We have yet to see the best from Kito Talbert and Fidolo Tattoo Company, but stay tuned the best is yet to come.

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Alex Bruz

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Hi my name is Tibor `Tibi` Szalai, I`m a tattoo artist born in Hungary, but now working and living in Munich/ Germany. I`m tattooing for around 13 years now without any apprenticeship – it was all learning by doing. Originally I was a normal painter not even thinking about tattooing, but already interested in drawing and art (besides painting walls in a bright white.
15 years ago a buddy of mine asked me to try tattooing, cause he knew I was good in those art things. To this day, I never thought about tattooing, but from this moment, it was all i could think about. So 2 years later, when I got my first salary, I instantly bought a tattoo machine. Now I was tattooing as a hobby besides working as a painter, until I got so much clients, that I could live from only tattooing. Until 2010 I worked in Hungary, until a old friend of mine asked me to come for a guest spot to the shop in Munich where he was working at. They were so happy with my work, and I was feeling so comfortable there, that I moved there in 2011 and now I am a resident artist in this shop.
I am traveling all around the world for some guest spots and conventions and I already won some prizes in Frankfurt (Germany), Zwickau (Germany), Curacao, Transylvania, India, Borneo, Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary) and Liechtenstein for example. In general I am specialized in doing realistic tattoos for around 4 years and started using Bishop Rotary machines around 3 years ago, which totally put my work on another level. But if there is a cool idea I am open for every kind of tattoo, like biomech, comic, 3D etc.
So this is my story, and if you are wondering why I have no tattoo yet, but a small tear on my finger: I had simply no time for it til now :) But let`s see what the future brings.

tibitattooartSzalai Tibor Tibi Tattooart
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Edgar Ivanov


My name is Edgar Ivanov and I am a tattoo artist based in “Old London Road Tattoos ” in London,Uk
I was born in 1987 in Cesis, Latvia. My Dad had some old tattoos from the army, and him, being my hero, I tried to copy him as much as I could, so I used to draw on my arms and go to school looking like that. Not long after, I was drawing on everybody in my class.

That interested me so much, that wanting to take this to the next level, led me to make my first tattoo in 2004.
After that I continued tattooing, while learning and gathering all possible information about tattooing techniques, whenever I had a chance.
Drawing and art itself has always been an important part of my life, as it has been an interest of mine since I remember myself.

In 2008 I moved to London, where I undertook tattooing on professional level.
Mostly I tattoo black and grey realism, but I am always open to new things!

I am happy to say that I firstly think of my job as my passion and I really love what I do and put all of myself in every tattoo!

edgarivanovEdgar Ivanov
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Russell James


My name is Russell James I am a tattoo artist at Bad Donkey Tattoo in Lake of the Ozarks,Missouri.I have been tattooing professionally for 7 years after a 2 year True apprenticeship :) Our shop Bad Donkey Tattoo has won Best shop at the Lake 5 years running now. Everyone there is extremely talented and really strives to be the best that they can be, and become. I have been known for a handful of different styles because I am constantly learning and changing things up. Since I began my career I have always wanted to be able to achieve any type of tattoo out there,rather that be a style,size,color,or black and gray, I didn’t want to ever have the feeling that I couldn’t confidently achieve the best tattoo possible understanding that these will be pieces of me that will be on my clients forever.

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Gang Shao


As the chief tattoo artist, Gang Shao has learned to draw for about twenty years, and be given directions by many famous artists around the world. He was greatly attracted by tattoo arts when he first met it in 1999. Later he made his mind into tattoo arts, which is the oldest and fashionable one. Gang Shao has been tattooing for about 14 years and gathers a lot of experience, with the basis of certain paintings, he has made many excellent tattoo works, and had once tattooed for some stars. During those days, he had talked with many famous artists about the skills and arts in tattoo, and won many prizes in some well-known tattoo conventions. For him, tattoo is not only a way of life, but also part of his blood. The biggest wish of his is to make the best tattoo for each tattoo lover.
“I hope when a tattoo lover sees the tattoo on his body, He sees not only a painting, but also one of his wishes and faiths.”

Shanghai, China

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My name is Zero, I work at Vatican Studios in Orange County California. I’m a formally trained fine artist and illustrator turned tattoo artist. My style is a blend between my two mentors: Franco Vescovi’s west coast black and grey portraits and Alexis Vaatete’s dark surrealism. The outcome is a dramatic style that is rich in depth and realism. The majority of my work describes the human form realistically rendered with surreal additions. My influences come from my background in fine art as well as graffiti “street art”. I borrow my inspiration from such artists Caravaggio, Chuck Close with flavoring of Greg Simkins and Ron English. I enjoy and respect all forms of tattoos from Traditional Japanese to Americana. I am blessed to be working at Vatican Studios with some amazing artists and friends. I look forward to continuing my knowledge in art and pushing my skills for tattooing and painting

My name is Zero. "I am what I am"- Popeye the Sailor Vatican Studios @vaticanstudiosoc TATTOO inquiries:
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Andrea Pallocchini


I was born in 1974 in a small town near Rome. I am autodidactic. I’ve been tattooing since 1994 and painting a few months later. At the beginning I started working at home and in a serigraphy. From 2000 to 2008, I worked in a tattoo-shop called Sunskin Tattoo, and after that I opened my own studio, called “FourX”, a mix between tattoo studio and atelier paintings. Right now I only join a few conventions like the “London Tattoo Convention”, “Le Mondial du Tatuage de Paris” and the “Florence Tattoo Convention”. After 20 years working, my priority is giving an artistic touch to the tattoo, mixing up oil painting and the tattoo’s graphic lines; all of this is now possible by using high quality’s materials and machines.

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New Hawk Adaptor For Disposable Tubes Released


This is a Bishop Rotary Exclusive!

First of it’s kind, don’t settle for cheap imitations.

Bishop Rotary tattoo machines is proud to announce the release of it’s latest product that was designed and developed by Franco Vescovi. The new and improved design is much lighter and smaller then our previous adaptor. The newly designed Hawk Adaptor allows for the use of disposable cartridge grips with your Cheyenne machine, Inkjecta Flite, or any machine that has a similar vice.

Hawk Adaptor is

• Made in Los Angeles, California
• Constructed of Aircraft Aluminium
• Autoclavable
• Available in 5 colors

View the Hawk Adaptor For Disposable Tubes