Alex Bruz

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tibitattooartSzalai Tibor Tibi Tattooart
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Edgar Ivanov


My name is Edgar Ivanov and I am a tattoo artist based in “Old London Road Tattoos ” in London,Uk
I was born in 1987 in Cesis, Latvia. My Dad had some old tattoos from the army, and him, being my hero, I tried to copy him as much as I could, so I used to draw on my arms and go to school looking like that. Not long after, I was drawing on everybody in my class.

That interested me so much, that wanting to take this to the next level, led me to make my first tattoo in 2004.
After that I continued tattooing, while learning and gathering all possible information about tattooing techniques, whenever I had a chance.
Drawing and art itself has always been an important part of my life, as it has been an interest of mine since I remember myself.

In 2008 I moved to London, where I undertook tattooing on professional level.
Mostly I tattoo black and grey realism, but I am always open to new things!

I am happy to say that I firstly think of my job as my passion and I really love what I do and put all of myself in every tattoo!

edgarivanovEdgar Ivanov
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Russell James


My name is Russell James I am a tattoo artist at Bad Donkey Tattoo in Lake of the Ozarks,Missouri.I have been tattooing professionally for 7 years after a 2 year True apprenticeship :) Our shop Bad Donkey Tattoo has won Best shop at the Lake 5 years running now. Everyone there is extremely talented and really strives to be the best that they can be, and become. I have been known for a handful of different styles because I am constantly learning and changing things up. Since I began my career I have always wanted to be able to achieve any type of tattoo out there,rather that be a style,size,color,or black and gray, I didn’t want to ever have the feeling that I couldn’t confidently achieve the best tattoo possible understanding that these will be pieces of me that will be on my clients forever.

Magician.Bad Donkey Tattoo,Lake Ozark,MO 💥BishopRotary💥💢May2 KCMO💢Aug6 Nashville💢Sept18 PA💢Oct23 San Fran💢Jan29 LA
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Gang Shao


As the chief tattoo artist, Gang Shao has learned to draw for about twenty years, and be given directions by many famous artists around the world. He was greatly attracted by tattoo arts when he first met it in 1999. Later he made his mind into tattoo arts, which is the oldest and fashionable one. Gang Shao has been tattooing for about 14 years and gathers a lot of experience, with the basis of certain paintings, he has made many excellent tattoo works, and had once tattooed for some stars. During those days, he had talked with many famous artists about the skills and arts in tattoo, and won many prizes in some well-known tattoo conventions. For him, tattoo is not only a way of life, but also part of his blood. The biggest wish of his is to make the best tattoo for each tattoo lover.
“I hope when a tattoo lover sees the tattoo on his body, He sees not only a painting, but also one of his wishes and faiths.”

Shanghai, China

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My name is Zero, I work at Vatican Studios in Orange County California. I’m a formally trained fine artist and illustrator turned tattoo artist. My style is a blend between my two mentors: Franco Vescovi’s west coast black and grey portraits and Alexis Vaatete’s dark surrealism. The outcome is a dramatic style that is rich in depth and realism. The majority of my work describes the human form realistically rendered with surreal additions. My influences come from my background in fine art as well as graffiti “street art”. I borrow my inspiration from such artists Caravaggio, Chuck Close with flavoring of Greg Simkins and Ron English. I enjoy and respect all forms of tattoos from Traditional Japanese to Americana. I am blessed to be working at Vatican Studios with some amazing artists and friends. I look forward to continuing my knowledge in art and pushing my skills for tattooing and painting

My name is Zero. I walk through walls. ☂ Vatican Studios @vaticanstudiosoc TATTOOS | PRINTS | BUSINESS inquiries:
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Andrea Pallocchini


I was born in 1974 in a small town near Rome. I am autodidactic. I’ve been tattooing since 1994 and painting a few months later. At the beginning I started working at home and in a serigraphy. From 2000 to 2008, I worked in a tattoo-shop called Sunskin Tattoo, and after that I opened my own studio, called “FourX”, a mix between tattoo studio and atelier paintings. Right now I only join a few conventions like the “London Tattoo Convention”, “Le Mondial du Tatuage de Paris” and the “Florence Tattoo Convention”. After 20 years working, my priority is giving an artistic touch to the tattoo, mixing up oil painting and the tattoo’s graphic lines; all of this is now possible by using high quality’s materials and machines.

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New Hawk Adaptor For Disposable Tubes Released


This is a Bishop Rotary Exclusive!

First of it’s kind, don’t settle for cheap imitations.

Bishop Rotary tattoo machines is proud to announce the release of it’s latest product that was designed and developed by Franco Vescovi. The new and improved design is much lighter and smaller then our previous adaptor. The newly designed Hawk Adaptor allows for the use of disposable cartridge grips with your Cheyenne machine, Inkjecta Flite, or any machine that has a similar vice.

Hawk Adaptor is

• Made in Los Angeles, California
• Constructed of Aircraft Aluminium
• Autoclavable
• Available in 5 colors

View the Hawk Adaptor For Disposable Tubes